Reserve your space at Soldier Hollow to show and demo your products, or build your team base. Over the four days, you can connect with cyclists from Utah and around the country and internationally of all ages and abilities.

Venue Layout

Soldier Hollow rebuilt the full vendor area for the Soldier Hollow Bike Festival, and will provide a larger space that will also provide better flow for attendees.

The vendor space is fully paved, and at a slight even grade up towards the Competition Management Building.

Expo Details

Select your desired space, as shown in the vendor layout map, with vendor layout designed to keep the flow moving around the vendors.

Booth Sizes: 10ft x 10ft

Requirements: Friday through Saturday, Thursday optional in registration

Booth Cost: $300 per 10×10 space

Non-Profits: Complementary 10×10 Space before Mar 31

Attendance: Over 1,000 racers expected totaling over 2,000 starts, alongside associated family members and other spectators and festival attendees.

Thu, May 2

10:00a – 7:30p @ Soldier Hollow

  • All Trails Open for Demos & Riding
  • Move In | 10:00a – 5:00p
  • Time Trial Racing | 3:30p – 7:30p

Fri, May 3

11:00a – 3:00p @ Soldier Hollow

  • All Trails Open for Demos & Riding
  • Move In: 8:00a – 2:30p

3:00p – 6:30p @ Soldier Hollow

  • Active Short Track Racing
  • All Other Trails Open for Demos & Riding
  • Late Move In: 6:30p – 7:30p

Sat, May 4

9:00a – 5:30p @ Soldier Hollow

  • Active Cross Country Racing
  • Various Trails Open for Demos & Riding
  • Access | 7:30a – 8:45a
  • Access | 5:30p – 6:30p

Sun, May 5

9:00a – 2:00p @ Soldier Hollow

  • Active Marathon Racing
  • Various Trails Open for Demos & Riding
  • Access | 7:30a – 8:45a
  • Move Out | 3:30p – 5:00p

Soldier Hollow Vendors

Let us help you have the best experience at the Soldier Hollow Bike Festival

Reach out to us at with questions about the festival, vendor space, amenities, and more. We are here to help you.



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