Do you have questions about the event? Looks through our frequently asked questions below, and contact us if your question is still not fully answered.

General Questions

What is the Soldier Hollow Bike Festival?

Soldier Hollow Bike Festival is an inclusive event for all ages and abilities with demos, racing, and other festivities. The event is currently in its 3rd year, and still primarily cross country mountain bike focused, but now has multi-discipline activities such as road bike demos/exhibitors, dual slalom, and more.

Who will be exhibiting this year?

You will be able to find an updated list of vendors, exhibitors, and food trucks from the expo page. Find that HERE.

I don't race, what can I do at the festival?

If you don’t race, there are still plenty of options for you to be involved with the festival. Come demo bikes, see gear, watch the top international pros race, join up on group rides, partake in yoga, attend the banquet with guest speaker Rob Demartini (USA Cycling CEO), and much more.

If you are feeling really generous, we can always use volunteer help! Find out about volunteering HERE.

How much does it cost to attend?

Spectating and Demos are FREE

Races and other events may have costs, see details on their respective information pages.

What are my lodging options?

Our lodging partner Homestead Resort provides discounted rates for event attendees, and limited camping is available onsite. Other options are also available. View details HERE.

How do I get to the venue?

Soldier Hollow is located one hour from the Salt Lake City International Airport via car. Flights into Salt Lake City are very easy with rental cars, Ubers, and shuttles available. If flying with your bikes, be correctly prepared to transport everything from the airport the the venue.

Racing Questions

This is my first USA Cycling race, what do I need to know?

The only differences you will see at this event than others you may be familiar with are some licensing requirements, and differences in categories. Both are very straightforward, with day licenses available for all categories (expect UCI)

What are the awards categories?

We want to make sure each race has plenty of competition, so awards categories will be somewhat flexible based on the numbers of participants signed up for each category and age group.

A new awards category is created when we can split combined age groups into their two separate awards categories with about ~5 riders in each of the new groups.

How are the start lists set?

Amateur Racers:

  • Time Trial: by USAC standings, with top ranked riders starting first.
  • Short Track: by stage race standings, then USAC Points for next 15.
  • Cross Country: by stage race standings, then USAC Points for next 15.
  • Marathon: by stage race standings, then USAC Points for next 15.

UCI Juniors Racers:

  • Time Trial:┬áby USAC standings, with top ranked riders starting first.
  • Short Track: by stage race standings, then USAC Points for next 15.
  • Cross Country: by UCI Points, stage race standings, then random.
  • Marathon: by stage race standings, then USAC Points for next 15.

UCI Elite:

  • Time Trial: reverse UCI standings, with top ranked riders starting last.
  • Short Track: by stage race standings
  • Cross Country: by stage race standings
  • Marathon: by stage race standings
I'm a local pro, but don't have a UCI license, what should I do?

Our suggestions would be to compete in the Cat 1 races. There is minimal additional costs ($20 for licensing for full stage race) and you will still be racing against many other fast riders.

Your other option would be to purchase an International license with USA Cycling (or your other national governing body) which has a high cost of ~$200. The level of racing in UCI elite is very high, with some riders ranked in the top 15 in the world.

NICA RIDERS: What category should I race in?
These are general suggestions, and you choice can vary from what is listed. If you know other riders who have competed in USA Cycling races before, ask for their guidance as well.
Middle School:
  • Select their age group (11-12, 13-14, etc)
High School:
  • Freshman:
    • Top 20%: Cat 1
    • Top 50%: Cat 1 or Cat 2
    • Others: Cat 2 or Cat 3
  • Sophomore:
    • Top 20%: Cat 1
    • Others: Cat 2 or Cat 3
  • JV:
    • 15-16 year olds: Cat 1
    • 17-18 year olds (top 50%): Cat 1
    • Others: Cat 2/3
  • Varsity:
    • Top 10%: Possibly UCI
    • All: Cat 1
I'm a beginner, can I still race?

YES! There are races for all ages and abilities throughout the weekend. You can find our category suggestions in another FAQ. You could participate in the events such as the Short Track rather than the marathon for shorter distance and less climbing, participate in the unique mountain bike biathlon, grassroots dual slalom, or find other options that fit your interests.

Can I race one event instead of the full stage race?

Amateurs – YES, all events except the Time Trail are available for individual registration.

UCI Elites – NO, points are only awarded based on the general classification at the end of all four stages.

I'm a pro, how is the racing sanctioned?

For international elites, the race is a UCI S1 event with four stages. Points are awarded for the GC, with the event stages designed to keep the cross country feel rather than a typical long distance stage race.

Find more info in the complete tech guide HERE.

View general stage race info HERE.

I preregistered and can't race now, what can I do?

We understand life sometimes throws unforeseen issues your way after you have preregistered. Send us an email with what has happened and we can usually work it out with you. No refunds within two weeks of the event, last day for refund April 17.

AMATEURS: What category should I race in?
USA Cycling categories are segmented by number, however, we will provide examples and terminology that may help you make a category decision.
  • Cat 1 – Advanced and/or Pro
  • Cat 2 – Intermediate
  • Cat 3 – Beginner
Also look at the race distances and elevation to see if you are comfortable with completing those events in the specified categories.
How much is a license with USA Cycling?

You have two options, a day license or an annual license.

Day License:

  • $10 per race
  • $20 for the entire stage race

Annual License:

  • Juniors: $40
  • Adults: $80
  • International: $210
    • only needed for UCI races

Do you still have questions?

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We want you to have an enjoyable experience at the Soldier Hollow Bike Festival if you are a racer, vendor, spectator or otherwise. If you still have questions, please reach out to us so we can help.