Time Trial racing is only available for registrants of the complete stage race.


Start Elevation 5550feet
Top Elevation 6133feet
Climbing For TT 902feet
Longest Climb 583feet
Distance: Miles 4.7feet

The final course has a couple small sections cut out from what is shown in the video.

GPX is hosted on a google doc and you can download the file from there.


Toggle schedule items below for additional information for each wave.

* Schedules, laps, and other info is subject to changes.

4:00pm | UCI Elite Women?
4:00p UCI Elite Women
Intervals: 30 seconds
Start Order: Top Ranked Last
5:00pm | UCI Elite Men?
5:00p UCI Elite Men
Intervals: 30 seconds
Start Order: Top Ranked Last
6:30pm | Amateurs?
Intervals 30 Seconds
6:30p Cat 1 Men & Juniors
~6:50p Cat 1 Women & Juniors
~7:20p Cat 2/3 Men & Juniors
~7:40p Cat 2/3 Women & Juniors


Registration Timelines:

Jan 21 – Feb 11 | Early Registration

Feb 12 – April 30 | Normal Registration

May 2 – May 5 | Onsite (no day of)

Individual Event Registration NOT Available:

Stage Race Registration Available.

Juniors: $150 | $190 | $250

Adults: $185 | $230 | $300

UCI Juniors: $170 | $210 | $270

UCI Elites: Full Stage Race Registration Required